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I’m Zee Doehling. I was born and raised an hour outside Atlanta in Lawrenceville Georgia. Just this past may I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in IT. I knew I wanted to continue to pursue higher education, and knowing I was going to get married in October, starting a degree this fall made the most sense. Soon after my wife and I move back up north into the heart of Atlanta on Peachtree road, so she could be closer to Children’s Healthcare and I could start my Master of Digital Media degree at Georgia Tech! These past two seasons have been a whirlwind of events, but they have been incredibly fulfilling and so much fun.

Right now, alongside my courses at Tech I am searching for a summer intern position to start getting a more hands-on learning experience within the User Experience Design field.

Why I design

Growing up I have always enjoyed solving problems and figuring out why things worked the way they did. I see this play out in all sorts of areas of my life:

No matter what aspect of my life, there are always reasons things are work the way they do, and I never assume it’s the best method simply because it has been done that way before. It’s understanding someone’s intent, the underlying reason, the why that allows me to make informed decisions on insignificant things such as how I squeeze my tooth paste or life altering choices like my college major.

This mentality has been the driving factor behind my studies as a designer. All designers do is solve problems: How do I get this information out? How will a user interact with my application? How can I influence change? My job is to figure out what the problem is and solve it- by design.