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App Functionality (In Progress)

Our phone application centers around gamifying and socializing the running experience. Being fitness minded has become a big trend across multiple generations, but it is difficult to stick to a regiment when it can take months to see progress. Also sticking to a routine is very difficult if your schedule doesn’t allow for someone to exercise with someone to hold them accountable. This application would create an avatar that can give users day of feedback and a sense of progress while allowing for users to race their friends even if they can’t run at the same time.

There are many other fitness apps, but most of them are gear towards providing stats for those already committed to their regiment. The others that try to make it more exciting for new runners don’t accommodate for the highly sought after social accountability. Our app combines both the gamified progress and social mindset to serve an untapped market.

Competition Background

Our app business idea has been the process of multiple programs. The team first formed around the 3 Day Startup program where students on campuses across the nation pitch ideas on a Friday. Then they form into groups and work all weekend long on the ideas they are most passionate about all the while learning about key entrepreneur strategies for starting your own business. After the # Day Startup program Georgia Southern University held a competition to pick one team to represent our school at a statewide competition- The Georgia InVenture Prize. The best pitched business ideas during the InVenture Prize can win cash, grants, scholarships, or financial services to assist the students in realizing their business goals for their ideas. Initial pitches will take place on April 3rd then on April 4th five teams with the best presentations will present live on PBS.